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This surgery worked when others failed- Cured

Dr. Rheuark is wonderful!

After 30 years of sinus problems and four ineffective sinus surgeries by other doctors, finally someone who gets results and now I can really breathe!   I have a nose that works.  That may sound silly, but to me it's a big deal.

I've had sinus problems all my life - since I was a small child.  I didn't know the sinuses were swollen closed in many places.  Breaking my nose playing football didn't help. Over years I had allergy treatments, injections, medications, and four sinus surgeries.  They didn't work.  The best sinus surgery, until Dr. Rheuark, helped for 6 months.  I thought this is great.  I'm not kidding, five months of breathing, which was wonderful and then down hill, again.  I was ready to give up.  Why does this keep going wrong.  It turns out, you have to do more than fix the problem.  You also have to set the patient up to heal right and get the right medications to make sure it lasts.

I came to see Dr. Rheuark.  He looked, saw the problems, the scar tissue, the swelling, the frankly messed up bone and anatomy, and had me get a scan.  The medical imaging showed how bad things were and he recommended surgery.

Now add to this, my very bad breathing problems.  I have severe asthma– near lethal.  Not being able to breathe through my nose didn't help. I even had dental problems because of breathing through my mouth all the time.  The gums were red and swollen and bled.  This was trouble. And all damn inconvenient!

Rheuark did the surgery.  I have to tell you, for a few days, it's quite a post surgical headache.  It hurts. But this is skull surgery after all, and it is SO worth the effort.  It is wonderful!  I'd have the surgery every day for a year, if I could keep these results.  I. Can.  Breathe!  I can eat.  I can swallow.  I can sleep.  My wife can sleep because I'm not gasping for air.  My teeth and gums are better.The dentists says my tongue is not blue anymore!  I am healthier.  One of the big things to me, but just one of the details Rheuark made happen, is he put dissolving spacers or something like that, in place at the end of the surgery.  This kept things in the sinuses in place while I healed.  This made sure that all those surfaces and my messed up sinuses didn't heal together or cut off any areas where air needs to flow. He did the work, and set me up for success.

Now when he looks up in there he says I have wide open spaces.  He makes me laugh.  I have holes in my head.  Thank, God.  And I can breathe.  That's pretty big deal after decades.  In.  Out.  Air.
Through the nose.  Wow!

He told me what was going on every step of the way.  He helped me anticipate the problems.  He got me right medications.  He worked with the anesthesiologist because I'm a problem with some medications.  He even fixed my ears, but that's another story.

If you have sinus problem, or ear or throat problems, go see Rheuark. And if you have kids who face these problems, get them in to see him. Give them their childhood back.


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