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Surfer's Chronic Ear Pain- Cured

I'm a middle aged surfer, longshoreman, ex commercial fisherman. Needless to say, I had significant closure of both ear canals due to bony growths.  I was just plodding along suffering year after year. The left ear had degraded to the point of being infected very often, both ears would hold water. I would try alcohol applications which were very painful. They burned and were a real drag.

As most surfers of my generation can tell you, I heard horror stories about surgeries that guys would go through to resolve their surfer's ear issues- all were frightening and very effective in keeping me away from surgery.

After many years of this, hardly surfing or swimming and always dreading the pain and hassle associated with wet ears, a friend went and had his ear canal repaired. I waited for word of his butchered experience. He shows up one day, tells me he got a referral through a good buddy to this office. He went on to say, that he not only had an easy and mostly pain free experience, he healed very fast and was in the water in about 5 weeks. Well, I had to admit, he was right there in the water, smiling.

I went into the office, scheduled the first surgery on my left ear (the worse one . I can't tell people enough how very non-invasive and quick healing the whole thing was.  Surgery for a couple of hours, feeling pretty normal a day or two later, surfing, swimming, free diving in about 6 weeks. I have not had an issue with that ear in 5 years. Just a few months ago, seeing opportunity in my schedule and having to admit that the right ear was acting up, I had that ear opened up with the same experience, same result, I was in Bali surfing just 5 weeks later. My advise to the water person who is hesitant is to just go for it. It's the best feeling in the world to just dive into the ocean, care free again.

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