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Restricted Breathing from Deviated Septum - Cured

Dr. Rheuark:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for truly changing my life.  For years I suffered with an undiagnosed deviated septum and restricted breathing.  It led to increasing snoring and truly difficult sleeping for me (and my wife).  I came to see you and you recommended surgery to correct the problem with my septum and to perform a radio frequency procedure on my turbinates.   You indicated you thought it would make a big difference in my breathing and it did.   Immediately after the packing material was removed I felt a remarkable change.  That improvement continued for several weeks and I am now fully healed with completely free airways.  My snoring has stopped and I am sleeping through the night.  Even more importantly, my wife is sleeping through the night!

Thank you for making a truly incredible difference in my life.



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