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Major Congestion- Cured

For a few months, I had severe congestions and many various doctors/specialists were unable to diagnose what was the matter with me.  My family doctor prescribed antibiotics twice which did not help the nose situation.  I decided to see a nose specialist and selected Dr. Rheuark over 3 other doctors.  Dr. Rheuark is very knowledgeable and was able to diagnose my sickness exactly like it was described in the newest laryngologist book that was published three months ago (“Sinus Relief Now” by Jordan S. Josephson. M. D.)

 His endoscopy was better than CT images on the pictures.  I ended up having multiple nose polyps removed through surgery which resolved my congestion matter.  Now after a few months after surgery, I feel great and like a new person.

Beyond surgery, Dr. Rheuark recommended that I see an allergy doctor.  After a couple visits with the allergy doctor, various tests have shown what my allergies are.  Resolving the daily functions that cause the allergies have made the polyps not come back.  I am thankful to Dr. Rheuark for his expertise and caring services that he provided to resolve my congestion matter.


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