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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials used to be the domain of large academic centers or of physician offices that only carried out these studies but provided no patient care. Now, select and qualified private physicians’ offices provide crucial and important research findings that develop new medications benefiting most everyone. ECast is a national company that brings personnel and techniques to the private physician’s office setting. ECast has assisted Dr. Rheuark to complete instruction, testing, and site visit qualifications that allow him to continue his research interests as part of the South Bay Sinus Institute. Dr. Rheuark’s research background from attending the University of California at Santa Barbara and Berkeley, and Loma Linda University makes him uniquely positioned to provide accurate and experienced results to his sponsors.

Know that your safety is of the utmost concern to Dr. Rheuark.  All examinations and follow up visits, and most studies are performed in Dr. Rheuark’s office under his supervision and are free of charge.


If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, please make that known to him at your next visit or by calling at (310) 373-8777.


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