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Ear Surgery

An ear surgeon operates in one of the most intricate areas of the human body.  The ear structures such as the ear drum, ear bones (malleus, incus, and stapes), facial nerve, and balance canals are all within fractions of a millimeter from one another.  They must be protected from injury and yet often require repair or replacement.  The ear surgeon you choose to fix your hearing, remove infection, or limit further losses must have specific training and experience to work in this region confidently.  Many ear, nose, and throat surgeons choose not to perform certain cases because they do not have the training or get the numbers of cases that maintain their surgical acumen.

Dr. Rheuark was trained at Loma Linda University under Dr. Charles Stewart, a fellowship trained otologist with the House Ear Institute of Los Angeles.  He has maintained a case load during private practice that keeps him at the top of his game. He has completed hundreds of ear procedures, regularly working around the facial nerve, reconstructing ear bones, and removing infection and tumors in the middle ear and mastoid cavity. He has the most extensive case load and years of experience of any ear surgeon in the South Bay.

Rather than take your needs to downtown Los Angeles, or to one of the academic centers, you may wish to make an appointment with Dr. Rheuark here in the South Bay.  In addition, post operative care from these cases often requires visits with your surgeon for 6 to 12 weeks after the procedure.  The extra time you will spend on the freeway going elsewhere, may be a good enough reason to have your surgery done locally.

Some of the more common ear procedures Dr. Rheuark performs regularly include removing the extra bone in surfer’s ear, making new ear drums, reconstructing the ear bones, and even removing infection or tumors from the middle ear and mastoid cavity.  Certainly, pediatric patients can benefit from Dr. Rheuark’s experience and gentle touch if they should require ventilation tube placement.

If you have a chronically infected or draining ear, hole in the ear drum, hearing loss or child that requires ventilation tube placement, or have been told you might benefit from ear surgery, you do not need to go outside of the South Bay.

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